InvestorTech cooperation with Libyan Ministry of Interior

InvestorTech cooperation with Libyan Ministry of Interior

Success achievement at InvestorTech by completes Phase 1 with Libyan Ministry of Interior under RAQAMEYOON Capacity Building project

With immense pride, InvestorTech achieved a successfully completion of Phase 1 of the RAQAMEYOON Project in collaboration with the Libyan Ministry of Interior. The project successfully trained 15 officers from the Ministry of Interior in soft skills development on digital technology, marking a significant step in a comprehensive plan to enhance the digital capabilities of the ministry’s personnel.

RAQAMEYOON is a aiming to contribute to pioneering initiative designed to:

  • Build the digital capacity of Ministry of Interior personnel.
  • Empower them to effectively utilize digital tools in their work.
  • Elevate the efficiency of security operations by leveraging modern technologies.

Phase 1 of the project included:

  • An intensive training course covering the fundamentals of digital soft skills.
  • Practical workshops to develop skills in using digital programs and tools.
  • A comprehensive assessment to measure participant comprehension and development.

On this occasion, we extend our appreciation to all participants in the project, including the Ministry of Interior officers and the InvestorTech team.

We remain committed to achieving the Capacity Building project’s objectives and are confident that the following phases will witness continued success.

InvestorTech Company: A leader in capacity building and digital transformation in Libya.

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